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Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection – Santrax 1000 Injection is a member of the “antibiotics” drug class, which is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections of the urinary system, blood, bones and joints, heart, brain, chest, ears, skin, and soft tissues. An infection brought on by dangerous bacteria that have accumulated in the body is known as a bacterial infection. Any region of the body might become infected, and it multiplies very quickly. 

Ceftriaxone is a member of a group of antibiotics that prevents bacteria from forming the cell walls that are necessary for their survival. thereby killing germs and causing damage to their cell walls. It is ineffective against viral infections.

Uses of Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection

Ceftriaxone Sodium, an effective antibiotic drug available as an injection, prevents the growth of bacteria that cause infections in the body. A doctor or nurse will frequently inject it into a muscle or vein. This medication is used to treat a wide range of infections, including meningitis of the brain, pneumonia of the lungs, ear, gut, urinary tract, bone and joint, skin, blood, and heart infections. You typically feel better after using this medication for a few days. To reap the greatest benefits, strictly follow your doctor’s directions.

Side Effects of Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection

Some common side effects of Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection are mentioned below. In case you feel any of those arising, consult your doctor.

  • Abnormal liver function tests
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rash


If you have any allergies, including those to penicillins and other cephalosporin antibiotics, tell your doctor or pharmacist before using ceftriaxone. Inactive chemicals in this product have the potential to trigger allergic reactions or other issues. To learn more, speak with your pharmacist.

Inform your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history before using this drug, especially of any gallbladder, kidney, liver, or stomach/intestinal disorders (such as colitis).

Live bacterial vaccinations may not perform as well when given with ceftriaxone. Before receiving any immunizations or vaccinations, let your doctor know that you are taking ceftriaxone.

Inform your surgeon or dentist of all the products you use before surgery (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products).

Dosage and Storage

As advised by your doctor, take injections of ceftriaxone sodium. It is injected into a muscle, a vein, or the fatty area of the skin. Only administer one shot and consult your doctor if you unintentionally miss a dosage and it is time for the next dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Ceftriaxone Sodium Injection remain in your body?

The estimated half-life of removal in humans is 5.8 to 7.7 hours. With renal impairment, the average clearance half-life increases to 11.4–15.7 hours.

How does the injection of ceftriaxone sodium work?

An injection is a sole way to administer the cephalosporin antibiotic ceftriaxone. It works by inhibiting the development of bacterial cell walls. Ceftriaxone causes the bonds holding the bacterial cell wall together to dissolve, causing holes to appear.

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