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Cell-U-Fresh (Eye Drop)

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Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops, also called as carboxymethylcellulose sodium eye drops, are used to help with dry and irritated eyes. Dry eyes can happen when different things make them dry, like wind, the sun, air that’s too warm or cold, using a computer or reading a lot, and some medicines.

These eye drops have sodium carboxymethylcellulose, a substance that makes tears thicker in the eye. Doing this helps to temporarily reduce the symptoms of dry eyes, like burning, itching, and the feeling that something is in the eye.

How To Use

  • Make sure to wash your hands before using eye drops so you don’t introduce any dirt or bacteria into your eyes.
  • Make sure the eye drops are not old. When eye drops have expired, they may not work well and could potentially hurt you.
  • If you have contact lenses on, take them out before putting in the eye drops. Wearing contact lenses while using eye drops can make the drops less effective and the lenses may soak up the medicine.
  • Lean your head backwards a little and raise your eyes to the ceiling.
  • Gently bring your lower eyelid down to make a small space.
  • Turn the eye drop bottle upside down and gently press it to let out one or two drops into the space created by your lower eyelid. Make sure you don’t touch your eye or eyelashes with the bottle’s tip to avoid spreading germs.
  • Gently shut your eyes and keep them closed for a short time so that the eye drops can spread evenly on your eye.
  • If there is too much liquid in your eye, use a clean tissue to gently remove it.
  • If your doctor tells you to use more than one drop, wait a few minutes before putting on another drop. This helps make sure the first drop is soaked up correctly.
  • Remember to close the cap of the eye drop bottle tightly after you use it so that it stays clean and doesn’t get contaminated.


Relieves Dryness and Irritation: Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops help with dry eyes and make them feel better. They make the eyes slippery, which helps decrease problems like burning, itching, and the sensation of something being in the eye.

Moisturizes the eyes: These eye drops keep the eyes moist and prevent them from drying out and feeling uncomfortable. They create a protective layer over the outer part of the eye, which lowers the chance of getting hurt or getting an infection.

Good for different reasons why eyes get dry: Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops work well for soothing dry eyes caused by different things, like wind, sun, heaters/air conditioners, using a computer or reading, and certain medications.

Compatible With Contact Lenses: If you wear contact lenses, it’s usually best to take them out before using most eye lubricants. However, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about using Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops with your lenses. They can tell you if it’s okay to use these eye drops with contact lenses.

Easily found: Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops can be bought without prescription at pharmacies and drugstores, so people who want to treat dry eyes can get them easily.

Side Effects

  • Temporary Blurred Vision
  • Minor Burning, Stinging Or Irritation


  • Take out your contact lenses before using Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops. It is recommended to wait for 15 minutes after using the eye drops before putting your contact lenses back in. 
  • If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops, it’s important not to use them. 
  • Please read and do what the instructions say to correctly use the eye drops. Do not let the dropper touch anything to keep it clean. Make sure to cover or close the cap tightly after you have finished using it each time. If the solution changes colour or gets cloudy, don’t use it.
  • If you have any health problems, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or take other medications, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before using Sodium Carboxymethyl Methyl Cellulose Eye Drops. They can offer advice that is tailored to your own unique situation.
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