Azithromycin Tablets

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Asthro 500 Tablets

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Description of Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets – Asthro 500 Tablet is a combination medicine used to treat bacterial infections of various types. It stops the infection-causing microorganisms from multiplying. It contains Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus, one of which is antibiotic and the other an inactivated bacteria that is beneficial to the gut. 

Azithromycin works by preventing bacteria from synthesising essential proteins that they need to carry out their functions. As a result, the bacteria are unable to grow, and the infection is prevented from spreading. Other pathogenic bacteria that cause diarrhoea or other bacterial infections are inhibited by a lactic acid bacillus.


Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets are an antibiotic that can be used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. It stops the infection-causing bacteria from growing and clears the infection. It also aids in the treatment and prevention of diarrhoea caused by this medicine or stomach/gut (intestine) infections. Take it for as long as your doctor says and don’t miss any doses. This will ensure that all bacteria are killed and that resistance does not develop.

Side effects

Although the medicine is safe and does not have any harmful side, it may show some symptoms. If the symptoms persist for long or make you worried contact your doctor. Some common side effects of Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting


  • Avoid alcohol and smoking while you’re being treated with this medicine.
  • Consult your doctor about your medical history, the recent medicines you took or the medicine you took for the same condition.
  • If you’ve ever had jaundice or liver problems after taking azithromycin before, you shouldn’t take it again.
  • This medication should only be taken during pregnancy if necessary. Consult your doctor about the potential dangers.

Direction to use

Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets. Follow your prescription’s instructions to the letter. This medicine should not be taken in larger or smaller doses or for longer than recommended. For each type of infection, the dose and duration of treatment may differ.

Take it after a meal to avoid an upset stomach. Before the infection is completely cleared, your symptoms may improve. By skipping doses, you risk developing an infection that is resistant to antibiotics.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I take the medicine while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although the medicine is labelled as safe to use and free from side effects, some tests show that it may be harmful to the child. Consult with your doctor before starting your treatment with the medicine.

Taking antacids with Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets is fine?

Avoid taking antacids 2 hours before or after taking the tablet. If taken at the same time as this tablet, it may reduce its absorption ability.

Does Azithromycin and Lactic Acid Bacillus Tablets reduce a fever?

The tablets are used to treat a variety of bacteria-caused infections and cannot be used to treat viral infections such as colds and fevers.

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Asthro 500 Tablets


Azithromycin 500 Mg Tablets

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