Puducherry, also known as pondicherry is a densely populated union territory situated on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. Due to the coastal area, it lacks healthcare facilities. Therefore, SKG internationals is setting up a PCD pharma franchise in Puducherry.

SKG internationals have been serving patients since 2015 and is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a vast range of pharmaceutical forms. During our business tenure, we have served several cities in India with the finest quality products at affordable prices. We work in collaboration with SwisscheM healthcare and Swastik lifesciences to provide the finest and top-quality assured products to our customers. SKG internationals has several divisions throughout the country and is providing healthcare facilities all over India.


SKG internationals has hired a team of highly experienced professionals who are the reason behind the success of SKG internationals. GMP-WHO safety standards are followed strictly in the organization. Our 24×7 customer support and ethical behavior with clients are what make us stand apart. INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION norms and guidelines are followed strictly during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing and testing is done in GMP-WHO units. Transparency with our clients is our prime motto. 

Safety measures followed by SKG internationals-

  • Clean and sterilized laboratories for testing
  • Spacious warehouse
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Hi-tech machinery
  • Temperature maintained for testing of drugs
  • Daily calibration of equipments


SKG internationals is committed to providing a safe and effective vast range of products. Our team of experts provides constant support to our clients and partners. Quality tests determine the quality of products and the quality assurance manager assures that the drug batch manufactured is contaminants free. We are looking for aspiring people who want to earn high profits by investing in the PCD pharma franchise in Puducherry. It is an opportunity for all the people who aim to start their pharmaceutical PCD franchise. SKG internationals has always come up with innovative research and has met every developmental milestone and a lot is there to reach. 

  • 24X7 customer support
  • Highly experienced R&D professionals
  • Good incentives
  • Innovative research and development 


Those who want to start their own business with low investment and low-risk rate with effective and excellent results can collaborate with us and start their own business in Puducherry. Being densely populated, having fewer healthcare facilities, and an uncompetitive approach will help us gain more profits. Manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers can connect with us and be a part of SKG internationals. We are looking for pharma professionals like medical representatives, distributors, and experts who are willing to set up their own business in Puducherry. Through our business venture, we are trying to provide effective medicines to a large proportion of people efficiently.

We deal in a vast range of products in the forms of tablets, capsules, syrups, oral suspensions, sachets, gel, creams, and injectables across INDIA and look forward to serving every individual with the best healthcare facilities-

  • Analgesics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antidepression
  • Antiinfective
  • Multivitamins

Along with manufacturing and testing drugs, our R&D department is also working on finding effective ways to treat several unknown diseases through pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies. Our team of professionals in the R&D department does innovative research for diseases which has no cure till now. Our team is patient-centric. Our team research is based on the search for the treatment of diseases that are in demand. Our team has also made cordial relationships with several reputed universities to be in knowledge of the forthcoming inventions in the pharmaceutical sector. This is what makes us unique and stand apart.


SKG internationals (A division of swastika lifesciences)

Name: – SKG Internationals

Contact No: – +91-9501605766 

E-Mail:- swisschem2016@gmail.com


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