Ascorbic Acid Injection

Immuvit-Cee Injection


Ascorbic Acid Injection – Immuvit-Cee Injection is a dietary supplement that is used to alleviate the body’s lack of vitamin C. When your diet does not contain enough vitamin C, you typically take it. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of some illnesses brought on by low levels of vitamin C in the body.

The injection contains ascorbic acid, which is usually given by a healthcare expert. You shouldn’t administer it to yourself at home. This medication might only be a small portion of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes dietary adjustments and vitamin supplements. Find out which foods to consume to ensure that your diet contains an adequate amount of vitamin C. Never take more or use it for a longer period than advised.

Uses of Ascorbic Acid Injection

Ascorbic acid is an over-the-counter medicine used to prevent vitamin C deficiency and treat scurvy. In addition to boosting immunity, vitamin C also protects against cardiovascular disease, prenatal health issues, eye disease, and skin ageing. For best results, follow your doctor’s instructions for dosage and time exactly.

Ascorbic Acid Injection Side Effects 

The injection is free from any side effects when used under proper precautions. One may feel mild irritation at the site of application. Other than that, it is very much safe to use.


Patients with diabetes who take more than 500 mg of vitamin C daily run the risk of getting inaccurate results from their urine glucose test. Before doing amine-dependent stool occult blood tests, no exogenous vitamin C should be consumed for 48 to 72 hours due to the possibility of false-negative results.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should use this injection under proper caution as it may flow through the blood and milk affecting the baby.

Rarely have kidney stones or other severe renal issues occurred in patients receiving high dosages of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) injection over an extended period. People with a history of renal disease or kidney stones may be at a higher risk. People over the age of 65 and children under the age of two may also be at higher risk.

How to use it?

Administer vitamin C injections as directed by your physician. It is injected into the fatty region of the skin, a vein, or a muscle. If you accidentally forget to take a dose and it is time for the following dose, only take one shot and talk to your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is injection of vitamin C required?

If your diet does not contain enough vitamin C, you may need a vitamin C injection. Additionally, it can be used to address disorders brought on by the body’s lack of vitamin C. To obtain the most advantage from taking Ascorbic Acid Injection, it is best to speak with your doctor beforehand.

What is the efficacy of ascorbic acid injection?

If administered according to the dosage and timeframe recommended by your doctor, ascorbic acid injection is successful. Even if you notice an improvement in your condition, keep taking it. The signs and symptoms can come back or get worse if you stop taking vitamin C injections too soon.

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