Calcitriol + Calcium Carbonate + Zinc Soft Gel Capsule


Bontone-CZ Capsule

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Calcitriol is utilized to treat and forestall low degrees of calcium and bone sickness in patients whose kidneys or parathyroid (organs in the neck that discharge characteristic substances to control the measure of calcium in the blood) are not working regularly. Calcium carbonate is a dietary enhancement utilized when the measure of calcium taken in the eating routine isn’t sufficient. Calcium is required by the body for sound bones, muscles, sensory system, and heart. Calcium carbonate likewise is utilized as an acid neutralizer to ease indigestion, corrosive heartburn, and irritated stomach. Examination shows that this mineral may improve safe capacity, balance out glucose levels, and help keep your skin, eyes, and heart solid

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Calcitriol, Calcium carbonate,  Zinc Soft Gel

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