Hand Sanitizer for Pharma PCD Franchise

Hand Sanitizer for Pharma PCD Franchise – Looking for the most effective hand sanitizers in the market? We all know that currently, hand liquid antiseptic is in major demand in the market both globally and nationally. The world-class liquid hand sanitizers, gel-based which are alcohol and non-alcohol based, are in huge demand owing to its quality and effective range. SKG International, being the leading pharmaceutical company in India, is a top Hand Sanitizer for Pharma PCD Franchise. We are GMP and WHO certified which provide DCGI approved hand sanitizers in the market.

With the rise of recent flu of coronaviruses and other viral infections, people have become more conscious about their health. They are more interested in high- quality medicines and can spend whatever it takes upon the quality of the medicines. Many companies offering hand sanitizer but the question is which gives 100% quality. So, looking at this, without any compromise SKG International offers the best quality liquid antiseptics for Hand Sanitizer for Pharma PCD Franchise at reasonable rates.

Hand Sanitizer for Pharma PCD Franchis

For more information about our products and the best hand sanitizer’s manufacturers in India, you can call us at +91-9501605766 +91-8437867771 or you can also mail your queries at swisschem2016@gmail.com, sales5swastik@gmail.com.

Growing Demand for Hand Sanitizer Franchise

As there is an increase in the demand of hand sanitizes due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This is the major reason why the market size and the growth prospectus of the hand sanitizers in getting bigger. According to the research, the figures were $1,755 million in year 2016, which has widely increased in the year 2020 due to coronavirus. This figure is still expected to increase further at CAGR rate of 9.9% to 2023. This is particularly seen in the Asian market where there is a possibility of an increase because of the large population in these countries. Also, owing to the greater awareness of health and wellness, the demand has been growing.  

Therefore, in this present scenario, it is obvious that the demand of the hand sanitizer will be beyond  expectation. However, the question arises here is, Is the sanitizer people are using globally up to the mark, or is able to remove the germs or viruses or keeping the virus at bay. We just recommend you to give it try to use the hand sanitizer of our company and see the visible difference.  


Benefits of SKG Internationa’s Hand Sanitizers 

There are many advantages of using Hand Sanitizers as they are responsible to kill 99.9% of the germs present on your hands that are without washing. You can use it as often as it requires multiple times. Some of the additional benefits are 

  • It acts quickly to kill the germs.
  • It takes less time than hand washing. 
  • They are less irritating to the skin than soap.Hence, more beneficial than using soap.
  • It also prevents the transmission of bacteria from one another. 
  • It does not cause any physical harm to you and keep your hands clean and healthy. 
  • You can take the sanitizer anywhere while traveling in the car and travelling outstation. 
  • It keeps your hands refreshed.

Why SKG Internationals for Hand Sanitizers PCD Franchise?

SKG International is an ISO certified pharma company committed in quality production of the hand sanitizer at the affordable rates. Our committed and dedicated team has been working on the marketing of a truly unique and effective range of liquid antiseptic. Because of the increase in demand for sanitizers due to coronavirus, outbreak our franchise business model has been expanded both globally and nationwide. Here, are some key factors that you can consider being associated with us, 

Low Investment- It does not require high investment at all. You can still get the high returns from the business by investing a low income at SKG International. It means there are few chances of risks while doing the business. 

Monopoly Rights- You can enjoy monopoly rights which means you are the boss of your own and you do not have to compete with anyone. Since you are the only one selling the product at a specific location, you don’t have any competition and thus can enjoy the business very well. 

Free Promotional Tools – We provide free promotional tools and aids as you dont have to spend from your pocket on them. These are provided by the company and hence you can save money on them.   

Easily Setting Up of the Franchise- There is no pressure from us to set to achieve the sales, while you can set up own your targets. 

24×7 Customer Support- We provide customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. We will get in touch with you once the inquiry is made within 24 hours. 

On-time delivery- We ensure on time delivery of the products near your locality. 

Contact Details 

Call us : +91-9501605766 +91-8437867771

Email ID: swisschem2016@gmail.com, sales5swastik@gmail.com

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