What are the Requirements to Get PCD Franchise of Pharma Company?

What are the Requirements to Get PCD Franchise of Pharma Company? – If you want to start your own business then PCD franchise business is the best. It is a profitable venture which will bring good returns. To start a PCD franchise business, you need a good Pharma company who can guide you throughout the journey. For a good collaboration, you should have a close idea what are the requirements to get PCD franchise of Pharma Company. If you want to apply to any company, you are bound to meet the criteria to apply as a franchise vendor.

What are the Requirements to Get PCD Franchise of Pharma Company?

PCD franchise business is a well-known pharma marketing business. A medicines franchise a respectable and good earning a career. People nowadays invest in their healthcare needs which are increasing with each year. If you are new and want to know what are the requirements to get PCD franchise of Pharma Company the here we go.

Tips to Choose The Best Pharma Franchise Company in India

Your search is incomplete without the selection of a good pharma company. There are hundreds of pharma companies which offer the same service. You need to shortlist the best pharmaceuticals company and collaborate with the best. Here are some points to select the best pharma company when applying for PCD franchise business:

  • The company should be certified with ISO with DCGI approved a list of drugs.
  • Take a look at available medicines that are offered for PCD franchise in your locations.
  • After a good research, you need to know which medicines have good demand in your location. This will help you know which type of PCD franchise you want to apply. List the company according to it as if you have a higher demand for ayurvedic then go for it.
  • It is better if the company its own GMP-WHO units. This will help you meet your requirement of future growth better.
  • Do deep research about the past of the company, known about their benefits as a franchise member & profit margin offered to PCD franchise vendors.

Things Needed To Start a PCD Pharma Franchise Business | Criteria To take PCD Franchise From Pharma Company

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting a PCD pharma franchise business in India. Here are some of the following:

Investment Required To Start Pharma Franchise

You need to meet the minimum requirement to apply as a PCD franchise vendor. This will depend on the company to company. Each company has its own minimum investment criteria.  You should have at least Rs 50, 000 to invest in the business at starting and if taken on the journey then 3 to 4 lakhs till the business is stable which normally takes 8 to 10 months. You should cut on overhead costs and try to save more at first for better business planning. Choose companies which give credit facilities to its members. 

Experience & Qualification Needed To Apply As PCD Franchise Vendors

You will need a few years of experience in sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals drugs. You need to at least 12th pass or SSC clear whereas for pharma franchise UGC clear is a minimum requirement. Other than these, professional pharma people can apply directly for PCD franchise like:

  • Distributors of Pharma Products
  • Individuals or Group of Individuals
  • Medium Scale Pharma Companies
  • Wholesalers & Retailers.
  • Small Scale Pharma Companies
  • Pharmacists registered under State Pharmacy Council.


Legal Documents & License To Become A PCD Franchise Dealer

It is very important for you to have your own Drug license or be B. Pharma Graduate to earn drug license. You also need to be registered on the GST network for availing government benefits. Every company asks it PCD franchise vendor to own these two registration for further business in future. 


There are common requirements that are important for every member to meet. There are more requirements which depend on company policies to criteria. You can always call the company and know about it. SKG Internationals is the best pharma company in India to bring you genuine PCD franchise business at most affordable plans. If you are looking for best then surely contact us for more.

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