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Acnementin Gel

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Description of Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel – Acnementin Gel belongs to the lincomycin antibiotic class, which works by preventing or stopping bacterial growth. This combination medication is primarily used to treat acne that is inflamed. It reduces the production of excess natural oil known as sebum. It also reduces acne-related swelling. Acne is a skin condition in which the skin’s oil glands (sebaceous glands) become clogged, resulting in pimples and, in some cases, cysts.

Acnementin Gel is composed of two medications: Clindamycin and Nicotinamide. Clindamycin is a lincomycin antibiotic that works by penetrating the skin and killing the bacteria that cause acne. Nicotinamide, on the other hand, is a type of vitamin B that is responsible for anti-inflammatory effects when applied to the skin. It works together to reduce swelling, redness, and tenderness caused by acne or pimples. Aside from that, it helps to keep pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads at bay on the skin.


Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel is a combination medicine that treats acne (also known as pimples) by reducing the production of excess oil in the skin, which causes acne. This also kills acne-causing bacteria and keeps spots and pimples at bay. It usually takes a few weeks to notice a difference, so keep using it even if it doesn’t seem to be working.

Acne can sometimes get worse before it gets better, but with proper care, your skin will clear up. The sooner you begin using it, the less likely you are to develop scars. As your skin clears up, this medication will help to improve your mood and boost your confidence.

Side Effects

The gel may show some side effects but the symptoms will reside once your skin gets used to the medicine. In case they persist for long, contact your doctor and stop using the gel. Some common side effects of the gel include:

  • Skin peeling
  • Dry skin
  • Erythema (skin redness)
  • Burning sensation at the site of application


Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel is only for external use and should not be taken orally, ophthalmic, or intravaginally. If your skin is extremely sensitive or allergic to Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel or any antibiotic in the lincomycin class, you should avoid using it. Do not apply the gel to any cut, scraped, sunburned, or eczema-affected skin. If the gel accidentally gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly with water and contact your doctor if the irritation persists. If your skin conditions do not improve, consult your doctor.

Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel may take some time to treat acne, so do not exceed the recommended dosage for better and faster results. If you use other dermatological products besides Clindamycin and Nicotinamide, you may experience unfavourable side effects such as excessive drying of the skin, peeling, irritation, and so on. In this case, consult your doctor about how much medication should be used to treat acne.

Direction to use

This medication is only for external use. Use it according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. Before using, read the instructions on the label. After cleaning and drying the affected area, apply the gel. Unless your hands are the affected area, wash your hands after applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended storage instructions for Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel?

It is recommended that you keep and store this medicine in the container or pack that it came in, tightly closed. Keep pets, children, and other people at a safe distance.

How long does Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel take to show results?

Clindamycin & Nicotinamide Gel can take up to 2-3 weeks to work. Use it according to your doctor’s instructions. Please consult your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

Additional information
Brand Name

Acnementin Gel


Clindamycin 1%W/W + Nicotinamide 4%W/W (Gel Base)


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