LADAKH is known for its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventure activities. But seeing from a medical perspective, it lacks the supply of medicine and people there are facing difficulties to attain proper treatment for various ailments. As a result, people have to migrate to other cities for better healthcare facilities. This provides a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking forward to a highly profitable business.

SKG internationals (PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE), is a highly renowned pharma company since 2015 and is also a part of two leading pharma companies namely, Swiss CheM Healthcare and Swastik lifesciences. SKG internationals deals in numerous quality pharmaceutical forms of products like tablets, capsules, gel-based formulations, topical formulations, oral suspensions, and liquid products.



 SKG internationals have come a long way in the past 7 years by setting up a number of franchises across INDIA. The expert team of professionals and our hardworking staff is the primary reason behind our success.

Apart from this, safety norms are followed strictly under INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION NORMS AND GUIDELINES. Safety rules followed by SKG internationals are explicated as follows-

  • All manufacturing and quality control of drugs is done in GMP-WHO units.
  • Good laboratory practices are followed while performing quality control tests to ensure the best quality product.
  • Hi-tech machinery is used for manufacturing to produce bulk tablets in a span of time.
  • Sterilized containers are preferred for ensuring proper hygiene.
  • Advanced storage equipments and a clean warehouse for the safety of drugs until delivery.
  • Best packaging machines for Alu-Alu and Blister packaging of drugs.
  • All drugs are manufactured under the proper supervision of the manufacturing manager of the company.
  • On-time delivery of drugs is our primary concern to satisfy the client.
  • Proper calibration of all types of equipment is done on daily basis.

SKG internationals product ranges-

SKG internationals have a wide range of products in form of tablets, capsules, syrups, oral suspensions, sachets, gel, creams and injectables which includes-

  • Analgesics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitic drugs
  • Antiinfective drugs
  • Antidepression drugs
  • Multivitamins
  • Ophthalmic range (swissvision)
  • Cardiac diabetic range (swisschem)
  • Dental range (SKG)
  • Ayurveda range (swastik ayurveda)
  • Gynae range (swisschem)
  • Paediatric range (swisschem)
  • Derma range (swisscosmed)
  • Swisschem critical care                                                                                                                                          


Our quality assurance department works under the guidance of professionals on the quality standards which are already set by the INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION and WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. The quality assurance department is the one that ensures that the drug being manufactured has no contaminants present and will meet the quality requirements. The final dispatch decision or rejection of the batch is under the quality assurance department.

Our quality assurance manager analyses and looks that whether the quality assurance norms are followed strictly in the firm or not. Any contaminants found in drug manufacturing will lead to the rejection of the batch and it will not be dispatched.


Our R &D experts always come up with innovative ideas and inventions in the pharmaceutical sector. They look forward to help the patients and they always focus on researching something to cure undiagnosed ailments which will be helpful for patients in the short and long term. Our research mainly focuses on growing demand in the pharmaceutical sector as well as to fulfil the needs of the patient. Pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies have helped a lot in carrying out innovative research. Our team of experts has also teamed up with several reputed universities for up-to-date knowledge of various pharmaceutical development of drugs.


 LADAKH’s lacking medical facilities and surging demand for better healthcare is providing a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to invest for high profits. We work as a PCD pharma franchise and also third-party manufacturers are looking for experts, medical representatives, and pharma distributors to join hands with SKG internationals and build a successful business career in the pharmaceutical industry. Our main goal is to provide better healthcare facilities and medicine supplies to the patients in their respective cities. That’s why we hold the best supply chain management and deliver medicines across INDIA. Our experts and associates are there to support each and every individual who has a dream to grow their business in the pharmaceutical sector.


SKG internationals (A division of swastika lifesciences)

Name: – SKG Internationals

Contact No: – +91-9501605766 


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