PCD Pharma Franchise Company In Assam-  Assam is the fastest growing state in Pharmaceutical sectors in India. The majority of Business owners in Assam are looking forward to starting their businesses in the PCD Pharma Franchise Companies. Assam is the one of the ideal location for establishing your own pharma franchise business because it has many expanding pharmaceutical enterprises. Obtaining drugs at a reasonable price is another challenge that people run into. SKG Internationals Is  one of the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Assam, providing the greatest selection of pharmaceuticals for use. 

SKG Internationals offers full-service pharmaceutical marketing solutions. Our Company is committed and enthusiastic partners are constantly invited to join our business venture at sincere investment plans. Our organization offers a range of pharmaceutical tablet, pill, syrup, sachet, ointment, gel, cream, injectable, and oral suspension forms and SKG Internationals offers the whole product range for PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Assam. 

PCD Pharma Franchise for Sedative Medicines

If you want to start your own Franchise Business in Assam and have any query then give us a call on  09805523671, 09501957971 or write to us at skginternationals@gmail.com  

Leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Assam- SKG Internationals 

SKG Internationals is an established PCD Pharma Franchise Company which offers PCD Pharma Franchise business opportunity in all over india. In GMP-WHO units, the entire task of optimal quality controls and processing is carried out. As per the standards and recommendations of the Indian Medical Association, strict quality control standards are being observed. We have always made sure you receive the most potent, durable, pure, and secure medicine compositions.  GMP-WHO safety requirements remain a priority for the organization. We stand out for offering customers support around-the-clock and treating customers with integrity. The manufacturing and testing processes use GMP-WHO units. Being transparent and truthful with our customers is our main priority. The safety rules followed by SKG Internationals are as follow:

  • All manufacturing and quality control of drugs is done in GMP-WHO units.
  • Good laboratory practices are followed while performing quality control tests to ensure the best quality product.
  • Hi-tech machinery is used for manufacturing to produce bulk tablets in a span of time.
  • Sterilized containers are preferred for ensuring proper hygiene.
  • Advanced storage equipment and a clean warehouse for the safety of drugs until delivery.
  • Best packaging machines for Alu-Alu and Blister packaging of drugs.
  • All drugs are manufactured under the proper supervision of the manufacturing manager of the company.
  • On-time delivery of drugs is our primary concern to satisfy the client.
  • Proper calibration of all types of equipment is done on a daily basis.

High Quality Product Range offered by SKG Internationals for PCD Franchise Opportunity

Our manufacturing facilities are fully stocked with cutting-edge technology, and the quality of our products is unmatched. We take every step possible to improve and maintain the exceptional quality of medications, starting with the top-notch chemical testing lab and ending with the quality assurance team. We work hard to offer the widest selection of medicines that are pure, effective, safe, and cost-effective. Only the highest-quality products are distributed to clients, according to our quality assurance staff. Because of this, we have been able to gain the confidence of medical professionals nationwide. 

  • Analgesics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitic drugs
  • Antiinfective drugs
  • Anti Depression drugs
  • Multivitamins
  • Ophthalmic range (swiss vision)
  • Cardiac diabetic range (swisschem)
  • Dental range (SKG)
  • Ayurveda range (swastik ayurveda)
  • Gynae range (swisschem)
  • Paediatric range (swisschem)
  • Derma range (swisscosmed)
  • Swisschem critical care     

Benefits for PCD Franchise Business Offered By SKG Internationals in Assam 

There are a number of reasons why businesses choose SKG International as their franchise business partner. They receive perks from us that are exceptional and which many do not receive from other businesses. SKG Internationals is a leading pharmaceutical company with a patient-centered innovation-driven culture that is establishing a strong network across the nation by providing PCD Pharma Franchise business opportunities to Pharma professionals and offering patients the highest quality range of medications. Here are the following benefits we offer to our Franchise partner:

  • Monopoly Rights
  • Free Marketing and Promotional tools
  • Authorization of brand logo and name for the business purposes.
  • Quick delivery of products.
  • Best Packaging of products.


SKG Internationals develops pharmaceutical products that are effective and of the finest quality in order to help people improve their quality of life by making it healthier and happier. We are quite proud to work in a field that prevents illness and disease while also saving lives. By offering PCD Pharma and Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity to the pharma specialists, the Company actively participates in growing its business venture and establishing its position across the nation. 


SKG internationals (A division of swastika lifesciences)

Name: – SKG Internationals

Contact No: – +91-9501605766 

EMail:- swisschem2016@gmail.com

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