PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai – Get monopoly pharma franchise in Tamil Nadu capital Chennai at a most affordable business deal! SKG Internationals is a top pharma franchise company in India that would like to invite people to monopoly pharma franchise and PCD pharma franchise in Chennai. Our company is an ISO certified pharma company that provides high-quality medicines. We are offering a wide range of medicines like tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, powders, ointments, soft gel, creams, drops, etc. DCGI approved drugs will be offered by our company. 

The franchise is one of the best ways to have your own business in the pharmaceuticals. One can start its own business and expand to different segments such as pediatric, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmic, ENT, ayurvedic, neuropsychiatric, etc. They are all available for PCD pharma franchise in Chennai at best rates.  You will be getting drug formulations that have been developed under the guidance of experts in our self-owned GMP-WHO units. Quality standards laid by the Indian Medical Association have been followed by us. We have been consistent at providing pure solutions for the franchise in Tamil Nadu.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai

If you want to know more about our franchise deals in south Indian state Tamil Nadu and it’s capital Chennai then call us at 09805523 671, 09501957971 or simply email us at skginternationals@gmail.com. Our representatives will try to reach you as soon as possible with the best offers, plans, and benefits. We are professional in our ways and you can totally rely on our work for better results.

Benefits of Starting Monopoly Pharma Franchise in Chennai

When you think of starting a pharmaceuticals business anywhere in India, Chennai is the best destination. The main reason why it is the best in India for franchise business owner is Chennai is the health capital of India. The state is a popular city in the southern region that has open hand welcomed better technology and improvement in the healthcare sector. It is growing its presence all over the nation as a hub for franchise business owners. Here are the reasons to invest in PCD franchise business in Chennai:

  • Major of the world health tourist in India go to Chennai for treatment like cancer. It accounts for 45 percent of the tourists from the world. This is due to world-class facilities and cheaper treatments in comparison to America, the United Kingdom, etc.
  • In India, many people travel to the city which accounts for 30 percent to 40 percent.
  • It has some of the largest numbers of private and government hospitals and medical institutes.
  • Good attention is given to ayurvedic and Siddha medicines.
  • The government encourages and improves policies to support the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical facilities here.

The demand for medicines is good here. The importance of good medicines is felt among the masses which have raised the bar each passing year. Franchise business is a good way to grab good profit out the market in Chennai which is growing rapidly.

Growing PCD Pharma Company in Chennai – SKG Internationals

Our company is a leading name in Tamil Nadu. We have clients here in the state which is growing in number. The huge demand for franchise business in Chennai led to the offering monopoly pharma franchise in Chennai. The business dealerships are very simple and genuine. You will be getting above 300+ drug formulations. They are DCGI approved and have been marked with best quality ratings in the market.

The success of our business goes to experts who have deep experience. They have helped us build a range of formulations that stands out in terms of quality, efficacy, value, and durability. Our aim is to spread maximum customer satisfaction from drug formulations and pharmaceuticals services.

  1. Our company has the best team of experts for research and developments.
  2. You can get a franchise in general range at most attractive rates. These include tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, powders, etc. 
  3. If you search for a specialized range like pediatric, ayurvedic, ophthalmic, diabetes, nutraceuticals, gyne, gastro, etc, then we have the largest options. 
  4. Best network of sources in the market across India. 


High-Quality Product Range Offered By Us 

Joining hands with a company who is providing a wide range of product list is very beneficial for a franchise holder. SKG International is completely dedicated to providing quality medicines to customers. Our primary goal is to meet the demand and need of the customers regarding the healthcare sector. Our offered medicines are widely popular in all the areas of Chennai. Below is the product portfolio of our company that you can avail by investing in our PCD franchise in Tamil Nadu:  

  • Capsules/tablets
  • Injections
  • Syrups
  • Sachets
  • Dry Syrups
  • Protein Powders
  • Oral Suspensions
  • Topical Solutions
  • Sachets etc.

Healthcare in Chennai 

Chennai is known as India’s health capital. The city attracts 45% of the health tourists from abroad and 30-40% of domestic health tourists. Both the government and private hospitals provide healthcare in Chennai. The reason behind the tourist’s inflow is the low cost, no waiting period and facilities offered at specialty hospitals in the city. In the whole country, Chennai is the hub of medical tourism. The pharma industry of Chennai is expected to grow at an estimated 30% per year. However few healthcare challenges faced by Chennai is aging infrastructure, poverty, increase in communicable diseases, and decline in health infrastructure due to increasing population. 

Why Become Our PCD Franchise Member in Chennai?

SKG Internationals is here in Chennai to bring you a wide range of drugs for the franchise. We already have 200+ associates in different places and this is your chance to start with one. We deal with professionalism and transparency and that makes many associates rely on us. Our company always impress its clients by delivering innovative and effective medicines. If you become a member of our franchise business community, you will get the following advantages:

  • You will be getting a wide range of 300+ DCGI drugs.
  • The manufacturing has been taken place ion GMP-WHO units. Excise duty-free manufacturing makes them cost-effective.
  • The quotation rate of each drug genuine and reasonable.
  • Best and economic investment plans are offered by us for PCD pharma franchise business. 
  • Quick delivery of all the orders is assured. This is due to multiple distribution sources across India.
  • The profit margin is good when you become our franchise owner.
  • Marketing support of multiple attractive promotional tool items will be provided. These include visual aids, promotional tools, chemist pads, etc.

SKG Internationals is the leading PCD pharmaceutical company in Chennai to offer you medicines franchise and distribution business opportunities across south India. We bring good expansion scope where you can increase your business reach easily and earn a great capacity of earning with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PCD Pharma Franchise? 

A PCD Pharma Franchise is when a pharmaceutical company chooses distributors to sell its products in a certain area. The franchise model lets the distributor use the parent company’s brand, products, and help.

What are the advantages of starting a medicine distribution business in Chennai?

Some of the main advantages of having a PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai are:

  • Access to many good medicines.
  • The company’s brand is well known and the parent company helps with advertising.
  • Permission to sell the company’s products only in a specific area.
  • Thorough training and help with technical stuff.
  • There is a chance to make a lot of money and have a steady income.

What do you need to start a PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai?

To start a PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai, you usually need:

  • A good place for a business office and storing things.
  • Enough money to buy things for the business, to advertise the business, and to run the business.
  • A group of skilled people who sell and promote products.
  • A legal permit to run a company that distributes medicine
  • Good connections with nearby doctors and pharmacies.

How much money do I need to start a PCD Pharma Franchise in Chennai?

The amount of money needed for the investment can change based on things like the pharmaceutical company, the products it sells, how big the territory is, and how much it costs to run the business. Usually, the first payment can be between 10-50 lakhs, and it covers the franchise fee, items for sale, and other starting expenses.

What help does the main Pharma company give?

The main pharmaceutical company usually gives a lot of help to its PCD Pharma franchisees, like:

  • Learning about items, selling, and promoting.
  • Advertising and sales materials
  • Keeping enough products in stock and making sure they are managed well.
  • Help with technical problems and making sure things are of good quality.
  • Advice on following rules and running a business

Contact Information

Name: SKG Internationals

Address: SCF-507, 1st Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh- 160101, India

Phone Number: 09805523 671, 09501957971

Email: skginternationals@gmail.com

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