Best Ophthalmic Products List in India

Best Ophthalmic Products List in India – Welcome to SKG Internationals where we make, create, and provide high-quality eye products. We are a company that manufactures medicine and has become a leader in the pharma industry. We have an ISO certification. The company is growing in many places in the country and selling good eye products for people who want to start their own business in the medicine industry in India. Our company sells eye products like drops, sprays, and liquids. The company in India makes a variety of eye care products using modern facilities and good ingredients.

SKG Internationals has the Best Ophthalmic Products List in India. We manufacture the highest quality eye drops following strict rules. The company is working on making new medicines and regularly introduces new eye products in India. We are the top eye care company in India because we are well-known, have a lot of customers, and have been doing this for a long time. Also, many people want to buy our products. Our company is the top pharma company that offers ophthalmic products business opportunities in India.

Learn about our Ophthalmic range and how you can make a lot of money selling them. If you want to get in touch with us, you can call us at +91-9501099958 or send us an email at

Leading Ophthalmic Pharma Company in India- SKG Internationals

SKG Internationals is the top pharmaceutical company in India that provides good ophthalmic medicines for problems like dry eyes, allergies, glaucoma, cataracts, and others. We are a company that focuses on making better medicines through research and development. Our company is giving people the opportunity to start a business in the pharma industry in India. We offer great benefits to help them make money. Here are the most important things about SKG Internationals :

  • Inexpensive costs for ophthalmic products.
  • The team makes sure the medicines are good.
  • The company delivers packages without moisture and on time to your address.
  • The company has a certification called ISO and makes sure its products meet high-quality standards around the world.
  • All the factories where things are made have been approved by GMP-WHO.

Variety of the Ophthalmic Products List in India

SKG International has top-quality products that meet high standards worldwide. Our quality team always keeps an eye on every part of the company to make sure the medicines are safe and work well. Additionally, our factories are made to make sure that we only produce really good products and sell them at great prices. We carefully follow strict rules to ensure that antibiotics, lubricants, and anti-inflammatory products are made properly. Now we will quickly discuss our products for caring for your eyes.

Brand name Composition Pack Size
Flurchem eye drops Flurbiprofen e/e drops 5ml
Navimox-D eye drops Moxifloxacin-Dexa e/e drops 5ml
Navimox-F eye drops Moxifloxacin-Flurbiprofen e/e drops 5ml
Cyclochem eye drops Cyclopentoate e/e drops 5ml
Naviflu-T eye drops Tobramycin-Fluorometholone e/e drops 5ml
Tobrachem eye drops Tobramycin e/e drops 5ml
Opticlear eye drops Naphazoline e/e drops 10ml
Navifresh-Plus eye drops CMC drops 1% e/e drops 10ml
Swissflu eye drop Fluconazole e/e drops 5ml
Navifresh eye drop CMC 0.5% 10ml
Navimox e/e drops Moxifloxacin 0.5% e/e drops 5ml
Navimox-KT e/e drops Moxifloxa-ketrolac e/e drops 5ml
Naviflu e/e drops Fluorometholone e/e drops 5ml
Ear-Relief ear drops Chlorophenicol, Beclo, Cotrimazole ear drops 10ml
Otrichem nasal drops Xylometazoline 0.05% or 0.10% nasal drops 10ml
Gentacin e/e drops Gentamycin e/e drops 10ml
Ciprochem-D e/e drops Ciprofloxa-Dexa e/e drops 10ml
Navimox Eye oint. Moxifloxacin eye oint 5gm
Swisschlor eye oint Chorophenicol-Hydrocotioson eye oint 5gm
Swissgen eye oint Gencyclovir eye oint. 5gm
Swissroxin-DP tab Naproxin 250mg with Domperidon 10 tab 10×10
Swisszine 10 tab Flunarzine 10mg tab 10×10
Swissred syp Lycopene with vitamin A & other minerals 200ml
Ostovin-4G cap 4G Formula 3×10 cap
Lypcip cap Lycopene with vitamin A & other minerals 10×10
Zimnex 200 tab Cefixime 200 10×10
Emcillin-CV 625 tab Amoxy-Clauv 625 tab 10×6
Sexium 250 tab Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg 10×10
Sexium 500 tab Cefuroxime Axetil 500 mg 10×6
Soflocin 200 tab Ofloxacin 200mg tab 10×10
Navimox 400 tab Moxifloxacin 4mg tab 10*2*5
Alleset-M tab Montelukast 10mg Levocetrizine 5mg tab 10×10
Alleset tab Levocetrizine Dihcl 5mg tab 10×10
Predichem 4mg tab Methylpredni 4mg tab 10*10
Sflaza 6 tab Deflazacort 6mg tab 10×10
Seclofen-P tab Acecofenac 100mg Para 325 mg tab 10×10
Seclofen-SP tab Acecofenac 100mg Para 325 mg Serratio 15mg tab 10×10

Benefits of Connecting with Ophthalmic Pharma Company in India

SKG Internationals is a well-known pharmaceutical company in India, and they have everything you need to start your own business. The company is located in many different states and cities all across India. We offer high-quality ophthalmic products for companies to sell in India. Our ophthalmic products are approved by the law and are considered the best to use. Also, the company continues to add new molecules frequently. Here’s why it’s good to pick a top eye drop company to start a PCD Pharma Franchise in India:

  • Exclusive legal rights to control a particular market.
  • advertising materials
  • Higher returns mean getting more money back on an investment.
  • Low prices
  • Help for customers

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