Anti-Cold Medicines Manufacturer in India – SKG International is one of the top-most medicines’ manufacturer companies in India. Cold medicines have a great market in India with rising demand and good consumer populace here. Pharma companies who want you to deal with quality medicines to cure a cough, stuffy nose, runny nose etc., can find the best drug solutions at SKG International. We manufacture a diverse range of more than 300+ quality Pharma products with the best quality and affordable prices. Our Product portfolio included the Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Sachet, Ointment, Soft gel, etc. The company is best known for Anti-Cold Medicines Manufacturing in India.

We are an ISO certified company and adhere to global standard parameters like GMP-WHO and DCGI. Hi-tech machinery and skilled professional along with the developed infrastructure complete the market demand on time. We are The Best Anti-Cold Medicines Manufacturer in India that offer high-quality medicines at an affordable price. The company offers a vibrant range of anti-cold medicines that cover cough syrups, anti-cold tablets and capsules, sachets, etc. We provide you with a superior quality drug solution for anti-cold medicines. These medicines are safe, pure and effective to use.

Anti-Cold Medicines Manufacturer in India

Our manufacturing unit is fully equipped with the latest technology that provides quality production and packaging of medicines. We provide the manufacturing services of medicines to many top pharma companies. For more details about medicines manufacturing, call us at 09805523671, 09501957971 or you can mail at

The Scope of Investment in Anti-cold Medicines

The Indian pharmaceutical market is expected to grow 15.9% CAGR to $55 billion by 2020. A cough and cold segment also reported robust double-digit growth. So, the investment in the medicines for a cough and cold has a bright scope. Anti-cold medicines have the best drug market in India. It is one of the common medicines to be found in every household.

  • These drugs are frequently used that make them a good drug market to explore.
  • The market has seen a double-digit growth in recent few years. This is a positive benefit of having your medicines in this line.
  • People are investing in effective and quality medicines to get rid of cold symptoms and its impacts and SKG International provides just the right solutions.
  • Anti-cold medicines share a good portion to consumer demands for pharmaceuticals drugs. This has made the demand constantly high everywhere.

Even as there is an increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes or blood pressure, it seems cold and cough is the most bothering diseases in India. Industry experts believe that a cough and cold drugs report high sales.

The Quality Range production of Anti-Cold Medicines at SKG International

The demand for anti-cold medicines and drugs range are inelastic. Our company assures you to provide the widest list and better-quality drug solution for cold and cough. Our premise is fully equipped with the best technology and advanced machinery to provide the best quality drug solution. These drugs are covered in the list given below.

  • Anti-Cold Tablets, Capsules
  • Anti-Cough Tablet-Syrup
  • Pediatric Syrup
  • Ointments, Balms, and Gels for Cold
  • Anti-cold drops
  • Dry Cough Relief Syrup
  • Sachets, etc.

We have manufacturing services for cold medicine options for a cough, congestion, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing and its related symptoms. Our company brings innovative and qualitative drug solutions to these cold issues. We bring you DCGI approved the list of quality products. The manufacturing strategies include International standards that are laid by GMP & WHO.

Benefits of Being our Associate

SKG International is emerging as the top pharma manufacturing company that has a wide range of medicines. The quality medicines cover the range of anti-cold, antibiotics, anti-parasitic, anti-infective, analgesics, multivitamins, etc. We are the proud manufacturer and marketer of quality drugs. Here are some benefits of being our associate

  • SKG International is a GMP and ISO certified company so we assure the quality production of medicines.
  • The company has developed an infrastructure with the latest machinery and embraced with the professional staff. So, we ensure the on-time delivery of medicines.
  • We manufacture the medicines under the strict guidelines of WHO and DCGI that surveil certain quality check of the medicines
  • The company manufactures the innovative, formulated and effective medicines and provide them at an affordable range in the market.
  • You will get over the counter (OTC), Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) at an affordable range.
  • Our manufacturing infrastructure is established under the excise duty-free zone. So, our associates can enjoy the taxation concessions.
  • The company offers marketing strategies and promotional tools to its associates

We ensure the quality production of the medicines that are prepared in our manufacturing units. These medicines are highly effective yet safe in use. The company has a renowned name in manufacturing anti-cold medicines and providing them at an affordable range. We ensure the timely delivery of our products with a quick mode of transport.

Contact details

Contact person: Mr Vaneet Jain (Director)

Address: SCF-507, 1st Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra

Chandigarh- 160101, India

Phone no.: 09805523671, 09501957971


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