Trypsin, Bromelains, Rutoside Trihydrate & Diclofenac Sodium Tablets

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Reistal-BRD Tablets

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Trypsin, Bromelains, rutoside, trihydrate & Diclofenac Sodium Tablets have shown to have significant anti-inflammatory effects in several clinical studies. This medication is used to reduce swelling especially of the nose and sinuses after surgery or injury. It reduces the bleeding from wounds. This is an enzyme that clears dead cells to reduce pain and inflammation. Trypsin and bromelain are called enzyme compounds and are the composition that raises the blood supply and circulation in the body. These body-building elements get active they help in fighting swelling and pain of a person. Rutoside belongs to the antioxidant class which helps in protecting the body from damaging the free radicals that the body produces and also helps in reducing inflammation. Diclofenac belongs to the NSAID class which is known as the nonsteroidal drug that works by stopping the release of a chemical messenger in nerves that give rise to pain and inflammation.

Uses of Trypsin, Bromelains, rutoside, trihydrate & Diclofenac Sodium Tablets:

  1. Infections, inflammation associated with injuries and surgery wounds, tooth extraction and sprains, etc.
  2. For the management of edema associated with dental procedures and inflammation.
  3. Reduce the incidence of hemorrhage and for prevention of cancer.
  4. Used to treat ulcerative colitis, hay fever, and shortening of labor.
  5. For reduction of edema associated with surgical wounds and stimulates muscle contraction.

Side effects of Trypsin, Bromelains, rutoside, trihydrate & Diclofenac Sodium Tablets:

This medication is usually well tolerated. Harmless alteration in the consistency and color, odor of stool may occur. A sensation of fullness and occasional episodes of nausea is possible during high-dosage administration. If these symptoms occur, consult your doctor immediately. Allergic reactions occur rarely and disappear after the discontinuation of drugs.


Keep in cool and dry places away from the heat.

How does it work?

Trypsin acts as an enzyme that helps in digestion and helps to speed up different biochemical reactions. Trypsin Bromelain and Rutoside as a combination of enzymes and antioxidants are used to treat osteoarthritis and many other conditions.


Not enough is known about the safety of trypsin for its other enzymes in clinical studies with no reports of serious adverse effects. But is not known if trypsin taken by mouth as a single ingredient is safe. Not enough is used of trypsin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avoid use and stay safe.

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Trypsin, Bromelains, Rutoside Trihydrate & Diclofenac Sodium Tablets

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