Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension


Acitone-O Suspension

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Description of Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension – The combination medicine Acitone-O Suspension is used to treat acidity, stomach ulcers, and heartburn. It aids in the relief of acidity and ulcer symptoms such as stomach pain and irritation. It also helps with gas passage by neutralising excess acid in the stomach. When your stomach produces more acid than is required for food digestion, you have acidity. This suspension aids in the treatment of acidity and provides relief from the burning sensation and stomach pain that come with it.

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest caused by stomach acids rising into your throat and mouth. Sucralfate 1000 mg + Oxetacaine 20 mg Suspension relieves the burning sensation and pain associated with heartburn by lowering the amount of acid produced by your stomach.

Stomach ulcers are painful sores that form on the stomach’s inner lining. Sucralfate 1000 mg + Oxetacaine 20 mg Suspension is a stomach ulcer treatment. It protects the damaged ulcer tissue in the stomach from stomach acid and further injury, allowing ulcers to heal faster. It also relieves the pain and discomfort associated with stomach ulcers in the stomach.


is an anti-ulcer and potent local anaesthetic combination therapy. It is useful in cases where there is acid indigestion, gas, sour stomach, heartburn etc causes ulcers in the stomach and intestine. The syrups help form a lining to protect against enzymes, acids, bile salts etc causing an ulcer or active duodenal ulcer. It also prevents the degradation of mucus acting as an acid buffer with cytoprotective properties & promotes the production of bicarbonate. Oxetacaine works as a local anaesthetic to relieve the pain caused due to ulcers.

The syrup helps treat:

  • Active duodenal ulcers
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Stress ulcers
  • Peptic ulcer disease or esophagitis etc.

Side effects

The medication is extremely safe to use and has a track record of providing quick and positive results. Although it is extremely rare to experience any side effects, if you do and the symptoms cause you concern, contact your doctor as soon as possible. The following are some of the medication’s most common side effects:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


  • Let your doctor know about your medical history including your allergies and the medicines that you might have taken for your condition.
  • If you have a history of appendicitis, bowel obstruction, rectal bleeding, kidney problems, a low-magnesium diet, or recent bowel surgery, tell your doctor.
  • When this drug is combined with other aluminium-containing products, older adults and people with kidney problems may be at a higher risk of developing high aluminium levels.
  • Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension may cause dizziness, thus avoid using any heavy machinery or driving till you are fully aware of the effect the medicine has on you.

Direction to use

If you’re taking Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension, give it a good shake before using it and take it an hour before a meal. Using the measuring cup provided, take the suspension in the doses prescribed by a doctor. Avoid drinking anything right after taking the medicine because it may reduce the medicine’s effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I drink water while taking Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension?

With a glass of water, take this medicine by mouth. Follow the prescription label’s instructions. This medicine works best if you take it 1 hour before meals on an empty stomach.

What kind of things should I avoid while taking Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension?

While taking Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension, do not take aspirin or ibuprofen as pain relievers unless your doctor tells you to. These pain relievers increase stomach acid secretion and exaggerate gastrointestinal bleeding. Aside from that, stay away from acid-containing foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, and vegetables like lemon and tomato.

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Acitone-O Suspension


Sucralfate 1000 Mg + Oxetacaine 20 Mg Suspension


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